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Flash news : last day to react to the public inquiry!

Why react?

✓ Airport operator’s environmental permit expires in 07/2024
✓ A public inquiry concerning the renewal of the operating license is being organized from 10/12/2023 to 08/01/2024 inclusive.
✓ Expansion projects are on the table (doubling freight traffic in 10 years, 20% increase in passenger numbers …), with considerable direct impact in terms of public health, nature, climate and living environment for local residents.

Procedure to follow to react to the public inquiry (FR)

Examples of reactions (proposed by several associations, communes,…)

If you want to be informed by mail about the next steps regarding the exploitation permit, use this form


Other news:

The UBCNA (“Union Belge Contre les Nuisances Aériennes”, “Belgische Unie Tegen Vliegtuighinder” in NL) strives to advise and help all local residents and municipal or regional authorities confronted with aircraft overflights. In addition to the precise identification of all cases reported, the UBCNA actively participates in the study and research of all measures tending to limit aircraft nuisance as much as possible, especially noise pollution.

The purpose of the association is to protect the population against the harmful effects of noise, air pollution and all other damage and nuisances associated with air traffic and airport activities on Belgian soil, affecting the environment, public health, physical and moral integrity or heritage.

UBCNA was the very first association of local residents and municipalities to be specifically created to resolve the issue of noise pollution generated by the activities of Brussels-National airport, and has played a key role as a precursor in the development of an “environmental” rationale for better airport operation.

The UBCNA is therefore a lobbying association designed to provide aeronautical and environmental information to all levels of power, from the Minister to the Parliamentarian, via the Bourgmestre, the Echevin and above all the citizen. We want to raise awareness of the real nuisance caused by air traffic, and present objective solutions for a better environment around Brussels Airport.

Update 2024-01-08 0821 (BW)