UBCNA Press Release Sunday, APRIL 17, 2016

The Union Belge Contre les Nuisances des Avions ( UBCNA-BUTV ), Belgium’s oldest and largest association for the defence of people living near airports, has learned of the appointment of François BELLOT, Walloon MP and Mayor of Rochefort, as Minister for Mobility with responsibility for Belgocontrol.

François BELLOT’s experience in transport is best known in the rail sector.

Like all the people of Brussels, we expect the new Minister for Mobility to adopt an impartial attitude to the issue of night flights and overflights over Brussels, and to understand the right to a better environment of all the neighbors of Brussels Airport.

François BELLOT’s airport priorities will undoubtedly be to :

– organizing flight patterns during work on runway 01/19 in summer 2016
– clarify the values of wind standards and components, and of the famous wind at altitude, which are currently unclear criteria for the choice of runways to be used at Brussels Airport
– to comply fully with all legal provisions, which are in no way contradictory but complementary, and thus to take radical measures to prevent obvious abuses in the wrongful and illegal use of the 01 airstrip.
– fully apply all European regulations, including the Balanced Approach Regulation
– create an independent authority to monitor procedures at Brussels-National level, responsible for ensuring compliance with all regulations
– ensure that all residents living near Brussels-National are also taken into account in air traffic organization decisions
– apply the voluntary and courageous town-planning measures taken by the Liège and Charleroi authorities to Brussels-National as well, with the isolation and expropriation of areas that are too close and therefore too exposed to noise levels
– strengthen the resources and powers of the Aeronautical Administration in matters of safety, security and environmental policing

The UBCNA is at the disposal of the new Minister BELLOT to present his structural plan for Brussels-National, and wishes him good luck in his new ministerial duties.

Please accept our warmest aeronautical regards.

President of UBCNA-BUTV vzw

Managing Director of UBCNA-BUTV vzw

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